Refund policies sticks to tenet of “quality first, customer foremost”. We have a QA team to check your order products before they are packed and sent, but sometimes a return or an exchange is necessary. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please take advantage of our cancellation policy and return policy.

Regarding to the problems not mentioned below, please email to including an explanation stating the reason for your request.

Cancellation Policy
All of our products can be cancelled until they are shipped. Products are usually shipped in 2 days and delivered within 5-7 days of placing the order. If your order is unpaid, you can easily cancel your order by yourself. If your order has been paid, you can contact our customer service to cancel your order.Once your order has been shipped, it can no longer be cancelled.

Please note that we may offer corresponding cancellation policy or solution to customer’s inquiries based on different product category.

Return Policy

We encourage you to go on a thorough check-up when you receive the package, and make sure whether the items are the ones you have specified. If you are going to exchange/return the product, please make sure that they are in the original condition, unused, undamaged and in original package.
We cannot accept the exchange or return after your order has been shipped.

Please Note:

  • We reserve the right not to process the refund if your request not be approved or items returned in unacceptable condition.Refunds will be processed through the same online mode in 7-10 days.
  • Any purchase on nee-oink indicates that you have read, understood and agreed with our Cancellation & Return Policy stated above
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